Permitless or Unlicensed Handgun Carry in Texas

Many people can now legally carry a concealed or openly carried handgun in Texas without a License to Carry (LTC) as House Bill 1927 became state law on September 1, 2021. There are many important restrictions people must know and comply with to avoid breaking the law. If anyone has a question about eligibility to carry without a license, he or she should seek qualified legal advice from a lawyer.

A person choosing to carry a handgun without a license should become familiar with the laws and places where they can and cannot carry. Helpful links to the text of the new law and guides produced by respected authorities on concealed carry are provided below.

Text of HB 1927 Law: Link

Texas Department of Public Safety Handgun Licensing website: Link

Printable guide (.pdf) to permitless carry from USCCA: Link

Printable guide (.pdf) to permitless carry from U.S. LawShield: Link

Online Texas Permitless Carry Class: Link

To carry safely and avoid potential legal trouble, a person who carries a handgun for protection needs to know:

  • Safe handgun operation and carry methods
  • Places you cannot carry a handgun and types of legal signs that prohibiting carry
  • Federal laws
  • When you can use deadly and non-lethal force to defend yourself
  • Conflict avoidance and de-escalation
  • Safe storage of handguns and other firearms

A License to Carry in Texas is still available, and there are good reasons why someone should still consider applying for a license and taking the training. The Texas Department of Public Safety lists several benefits of having a LTC on the Handgun Licensing website. Link